Thermal Energy

What is thermal energy?

Solar thermal energy uses heat from the sun’s ray to heat up your home and to produce hot water.

The panels (known as the collector) collect heat radiation from the sun, and turns into a fluid system. The water inside the panels then heat up and is pumped through the pipes and is ready for your home. Thermal energy is available all year round.

Keep the thermal energy in the home – free wall insulation


So you’ve started the process of making your home sustainable by installing a solar thermal system, so what’s the next step? Keep the heat in the house! A mistake that is often made by homeowners is ensuring that once the heat has been generated it leaks out through windows, walls and the roof. Our incentive for you is FREE wall insulation!

If you live in England or Scotland you could be eligible for free cavity wall insulation which wont only keep the heat in during the winter months, it could also reduce your bills by 10%.

Once you’ve been accepted and you have spoken with the¬†insulation provider, the installation process only takes 2-3 hours. Speak to a Green Deal Approved Installer today.

The benefits of thermal energy

  • Solar energy is free once installed and save you money in the long term
  • Solar thermal panels need less space than PV panels
  • Around 80% of radiation gets used for heat energy – very efficient
  • Thermal solar panels reduce your carbon footprint
  • Can claim benefits from the local Governments as a renewable heat incentive
  • No global warming or damaging effects

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