Sustainable Energy Technologies

What is sustainable energy?

Sustainable energy is energy that can be produced without using resources that are not able to be renewed.

However some renewable resources, such as hydro power and for all practical purposes solar energy are examples of resources that are not consumed when the energy within them is harnessed to do work. This ‘work’ is generally heating water or operating a turbine to produce electricity.

Sustainable energy resources generally include resources such as:

Sustainable energy sources may also include technologies that improve energy efficiency.

Ways the UK are dealing with the environmental changes

The UK has to face the challenge of producing sufficient sustainable energy resources to meet the needs of the population until 2050. The UK also needs to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt because of the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and because fossil fuels are a valuable resource for future generations.

The lower volume of raw materials used, the reduction in mechanical handling and much lighter payloads on shipping all combine to minimise the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Choices of sustainable technology:

Ground source heating systems pressurise elements into a insulated storage tank – a highly efficient green energy technology.

Rainwater harvesting captures rainwater from a roof area and then re-uses it for household and commercial water applications. Stuart Pease design and manufacture GRP water storage tanks.

Fibreglass is used extensively in the manufacture of rotor blades, nacelles and tower structures for wind generators.

Why are we so eager to use sustainable energy?

The use of fossil fuels has had a consequence on the environment of planet Earth. Carbon dioxide (co2) and nitrogen oxides (nox) and other substances are released into the atmosphere. Some of the consequences of doing this, such as smogs, are visible to us. In addition these substances cause ill health, produce a dirty environment, and makes a major contribution to Climate change and global warming.

A global economy built on sustainable energy requires all the nations of Earth to be involved in switching to renewable energy and to stop using fossil fuels.

It also requires a serious drive to reduce electricity consumption. But electrical devices will still need electricity! Most households consume electricity and serious attempts to use electricity more efficiently go hand in hand with developing new renewable energy resources.

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