Photovoltaic Solar Energy

What is photovoltaic solar energy?

The photovoltaic version of solar energy uses the sun’s light as electricity.

When the light from the sun hits the photovoltaic cell it turns into electricity through a semi-conductor type of material (normally silicon). It then turns into an alternating current to provide the energy.

Depending on the strength of the light, depends on the amount of energy used. The peak time of the year for the most electricity produced is in the summer months.

Photovoltaic solar energy can be produced onto a grid, meaning all others who are also apart of the grid, will receive the produced energy too.

The benefits of photovoltaic energy:

  • The energy produced is clean as no fuel is used, only the sun.
  • Does not contribute to global warming – is environmentally friendly
  • PV sized panels can be constructed to the right size for your energy needs
  • Available anywhere where there’s sunlight
  • No noise pollution
  • A response to raising energy demands