Easy ways of making your home eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly is easy to start with and even easier to continue with. Small changes definitely make a big difference and will lead to even bigger changes in the near future. Contact us.

Energy Efficient Ways:

  • When you leave a room, always turn the light off as it will save energy
  • Switch off all the plugs that you aren’t using as currents will still be running, even if the product isn’t on
  • If it’s a little chilly, put some extra clothes on rather than putting the heating on – and making sure your house is properly insulated, this way heat won’t escape

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

Waste removal companies have the same aim that we do; to recycle as much rubbish, waste furniture as possible.  With the help of a removals team, they are able to advise and inform you on where your rubbish is going, either to be recycled, reused or on very unlikely chances, the landfill.

Whatever waste you need gone, from fridges to garden debris, Kent Rubbish Clearance are able to handle any job you require.  Contact them today.

How can you help?

  • Reduce the amount of waste you are producing by being smart with what you are using
  • Reuse things that can be used more than once. Also give old things to charity shops so somebody else can reuse them
  • Recycle paper, cardboard, cans and plastic into a recycling bin so they can be reused for other resources

Eco Friendly Services

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning company in Brighton that helps to preserve the environment? Well, look no further as we have all of the information that you need.

There are cleaning companies that boast an environmentally based work ethic, by incorporating green methods into their practices and using products that help to achieve this. See: Services.

How can this benefit you?

  • Healthier and purer environment
  • Safer products are used reducing risks
  • Less expensive
  • Healthier environment

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