Become Energy Efficient at Home

Over the past couple of years, advances in technology have changed the way energy is used up in our homes from kitchen appliances to computers. As manufactures are making great efforts in developing new energy efficient products it means we can save money at home. Solar energy also helps to keep your prices down.

Choosing the right appliances

Choosing energy efficient appliances for your property is one of the best changes to make if turning green. You will need to look out for the energy ratings label which should always be provided on the product. Read more from Which?

Something to keep in mind is that energy ratings are based on their size, it means that two different sized appliances with the same rating may use different amounts of electricity.  Choose a product that has the best energy rating and is also a size that you require and not extra. Click here for easy ways of making your home eco-friendly.

Taking control of your energy consumption

Statistics show that UK households spend £30 a year by leaving our appliances on standby. This is when we aren’t using appliances, but they are still switched on at the plug, despite not being used, the device still requires electric.

The standby saver is a multi socket power cable that is environmentally friendly, energy saving and is purge protected. It has the ability to cut your electricity bills by £85 every year. A standby saver allows you to switch off appliances at their source all by a remote control. Continue reading.

Rooflights guaranteed to last

10% of the energy lost in our homes is through windows that aren’t properly installed or are old. Rooflights are also an escape route for heat, but choosing the right rooflight will help to keep your home warm.

Triple glazed eco skylights hold exceptional energy efficiency levels and typically have a U Value of 0.65W/m2K. EOS Rooflights are a recommended supplier of windows and their eco rooflight middle pane has a value of 0.6 W/m2K – amazing value. Prices start from £1199 and can be made to measure. Purchase today.