All about solar energy

Solar energy is simply power provided by the sun through radiation, making solar electricity possible.

With two varying types of solar energy, photovoltaic and thermal energy, you can choose which is best suited for you.

The use of solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, used to provide energy to homes, schools, hospitals and more. In the long term, it can equal out to being free, saving you money.

In the long run, it is very cost-effective and benefits the environment massively.

Some of the benefits of investing in solar energy:

  • Receive 43.3p for every KWh produced Tax Free for 25 Years plus it’s index linked to guard against inflation
  • Make huge savings on your Electricity Bill and make an additional 3p for every unit you sell back to your Electricity Supplier
  • Insulate yourself against the inevitable rise in fuel prices
  • You have no on-going maintenance costs

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