All About Composting

What is compost?

Compost is formed from the breakdown of biodegradable matter.

Compost is formed when a good amount of organic matter mixed with water is kept in big pits in the absence of air. This makes it rich in many nutrients that helps in the growth of plants and trees in an agricultural field.

It’s an excellent way of making your garden bloom by improving the texture, aeration and structure of your soil. The compost adds nutrients to the soil stimulating microorganisms which release phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen making your soil healthy and balanced.

Use your waste as compost instead

30% of landfill sites in the UK are made up of household waste that could be recycled by making compost.

Composting is a sustainable way of reducing your waste, read about it here.

Even if you don’t take much pride in your garden, making compost will reduce your household waste considerably.

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Everything that compost can do for the environment

The main use of compost is made in the agricultural fields. In agricultural fields, the compost is spread over the top soil by digging it a little bit manually or with the help of machines. The compost is then layered throughout the soil so that it completely mixes up with the soil and is absorbed by the plants.

When we add water to the soil, different nutrients present in the compost are dissolved in the water and when different plants use this water they absorb the essential nutrients and in turn speed up their processes.

The gas released during the formation of compost is supplied in various houses to carry out various household works.

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